Customized management training, customer service training, sales training, and facilitator training from Entelechy.
Customized management training, customer service training, sales training, and facilitator training from Entelechy.
Customizable High Performance Management Training Modules:

>HPM 1 Time Mastery for Managers
>HPM 2 Coaching for Performance
>HPM 3 Superior Selection and Interviewing
>HPM 4 Effective Meetings
>HPM 5 Motivational Performance Appraisals

Coaching for Performance

If you want to: 1) help others be more productive, 2) demonstrate leadership, and/or 3) be more effective in working with people, then coaching is for you! Entelechy's Coaching for Performance module helps you increase employee performance while simultaneously building employee self-confidence and morale. Entelechy's simple coaching model is so effective that over time, your employees begin coaching themselves! In this module, you'll learn how to coach and when to coach — and you'll learn to leverage the personality/social style of the employee. You'll also learn how to use feedback to increase performance.

Later in the module, we turn our attention to problem solving — what to do when employees don't do what you want them to. You will learn to accurately identify reasons for the performance problem; you will then use a problem-solving dialogue model to help employees change their behavior in a non-confrontational, motivational way.

Performance Outcomes
After you complete Coaching for Performance you will be able to:

  • Improve performance by developing employees' skills using effective coaching and problem solving.

  • Identify performance required to meet business goals.

  • Identify coaching and problem solving solutions to address a performance gap.

  • Provide effective feedback.

  • Effectively apply your coaching and problem solving skills regardless of who you're working with.

  • Help employees translate development needs into action plans.

Activities include the Performance Coaching Self-Assessment, Coaches' Competition Precourse Review, demonstration and discussion of Entelechy's Coaching Model, and application of the model and skills to your coaching situation. You identify your social style using the Social Styles Inventory and use an exercise to identify the styles of your employees, colleagues, and boss. In problem-solving, you play Problem-Solving Bingo to match performance problems with reasons for the problems. Finally, you apply everything you've learned to a situation that you're facing with one of your employees!

HPM 2 Coaching for Performance
Improve performance and morale through coaching and problem solving.
8 Hours

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